Police Officer Down™ Survival Course

The Police Officer Down™ (POD™) Survival Course teaches officers the essentials to provide self-aid and buddy aid with respect to the larger tactical situation. First Aid courses are designed for controlled or controllable environments but are not realistic and actually can be dangerous if their approaches are utilized in high threat uncontrolled environments. By dispelling some of the assumptions of first aid dogma, and applying environment and situation appropriate actions, skills and equipment to tactical environments, this course teaches you how to save your own life or the life of your partner when the violence is turned against you and you have become a casualty.

The Police Officer Down™ (POD™) Survival Course incorporates the concepts of Tactical Trauma Care™ intended for high threat environments, hemorrhage control, including tourniquets and wound packing, basic airway management and tactical rescue concepts.

The course content is delivered in an online setting and may be followed by practical skills development and evaluation components which are completed under the guidance of a course facilitator.